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Pressure guageGas Safe was established in 1991 as a gas safety training company and is the UK market leader in this specialist field. We have diversified in recent years and now provide, among other things, a full piped system / pressure system service.

Design, Installation & Modification of Piped Systems

We can assist you if you require:

  • A new gas or cryogenic piped system designed and installed or
  • An existing system re-designed and modified.

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Inspection, Testing & Maintenance of Piped Systems

In most cases, if you own a piped system that carries gas or cryogenic liquid under pressure you have legal responsibilities to ensure its safe operation – this also applies to certain cryogenic storage vessels. If you are unsure whether or not you have such systems or vessels, please click here for further information.

Gas Safe provides a full service to our customers who:

  • Do not have the systems (or vessels) Written Scheme of Examination and / or
  • Have not had the system (or vessel) inspected, tested and / or maintained in accordance with the Written Scheme and / or
  • Have installed a system themselves and are concerned about its compliance

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